Club Competitions

Contest Rules and Guidelines

Please click the link to refer to this PDF document for the PPC’s Contest Rules and Guidelines.

Monthly Contest

The January contest is open for submissions. The theme for the January contest is “Special Effects.” Entries must be uploaded to the PPC Competition Site before midnight January 25. For help in understanding the contest theme, please download this PDF document: Description of Competition Subjects. Each club member may submit one image.

Image Sizing

The maximum width for images submitted to the contest web site is 1920 pixels. The limit on the height of the image is 1080 pixels.

Recent Changes

Changes to contests for the 2017-2018 contest year:

  • The annual themes of “Photojournalism” for January and “People Photography” for November have been dropped. New themes for the November 2017 and January 2018 contests have been announced by the PPC board.
  • There will be ten monthly contests that contribute to the end-of-year competition: May through November and January through March. All ten contests will count toward the end-of-year award; we are no longer dropping each member’s lowest score.
  • The April contest will be replaced by a special contest with two or more categories, which will include Photojournalism and Portrait photography. There will be prizes (such as trophies or ribbons) for the special categories but they will not contribute to end-of-year scoring.
  • Dropping April from end-of-year scoring will allow us to hold the end-of-year awards ceremony during our normal May meeting time, rather than having it as an extra meeting on a Saturday in June.
  • In the competition web site, each of the digital contests for the 2017-2018 year has been opened for entries, and will stay open until the contest deadline. This change will allow club members who are going to be traveling to submit their entries before they go out of town. Print contests will open about two months ahead of the date of the contest.

Competition Website

To enter photographs into a PPC contest, you must upload them to the PPC Competition Website. You not only must be a member of the club, but must also have created an account for yourself in the contest website. This video will walk you through the registration process.

When you upload images, they will be stored in your personal library. For each contest, you must select an image from your library to be entered in the contest. More detailed instructions for submitting entries are available in this PDF document: Competition Site Instructions. Please note that the Competition Website is run by a third party and is not owned by the Plano Photography Club.

Courtesy Critique

If you have an image you think is pretty good, but you would like someone else’s opinion before you enter it in the PPC competition, you may take advantage of a simple and free way of getting an image critiqued by Master level photographers by sending the image to Larry Petterborg. Larry sends your image anonymously to two or three master photographers and returns their critiques to you. Please ensure your image observes the Image Guidelines and send no more than one image at a time. This service is for club members only.